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About L.H. Moore

What Inspires Me

With an unique writing style that blends vivid imagery and thought-provoking prose, I bring stories to life with an unmistakable touch of magic.


About Lori Harvill Moore

Throughout my working career of nearly forty years, I have written and published a variety of nonfiction  pieces for a myriad of industries. My first job out of college was as an information specialist responsible for creating employee and sales newsletters. I wrote press releases and brochures as well.

While working as a freelance writer, my work appeared in American Baby Magazine, Tucson Business Journal, and Tucson Business Digest. I have even written a few radio spots for an electronics distributor, a software retailer, and for the corporate office serving convenience stores. I wrote and published newsletters for realtors, a bookkeeping company, and the arts community in Northern California.

Moving from Arizona to Sacramento and working in various fields opened my eyes to the need for better communication in the workplace. Consequently, I published three business communication books through, a company with offices in London and Denmark. 

Some of the issues I experienced when working – regardless of the industry — were co-workers who needed assistance with basic English skills: spelling and writing specifically. I was fortunate to have a knack for writing and research and became the go-to person to review emails and other correspondence before they hit the “send” button.

Seeing a need for workforce proficiency in the English language, which is a foundational necessity for good communication, I wondered how children were faring in traditional and homeschool settings. I became passionate about addressing the literacy  problem at the most critical stage in elementary education, which is fourth grade according to the National Center for Educational  Statistics (NCES). Children who can read and write at grade level at the end of fourth grade will successfully take their literacy skills into higher grades and, later, into a chosen career.

In 2024 I will continue to develop, write, and publish eBooks, paperback books, as well as courses for adults and children. Each product will help the reader or course participant  develop proficiency in the English language and the soft skills necessary to become an effective communicator.

I received a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State Univerrsity in communication, with an emphasis in organizational communication. 

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